Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bad service from Sogo India

Last week we have decided to rent a laptop temporarily to be used by our new staffing manager hire. Since we have rented few laptops from "Sogo India, Bangalore" last year, we decided to give them the business opportunity again.

The resultant service is very bad and I "totally do not recommend them". You will find a service that is:

1. Don't know how to read your order request properly.

We asked for one laptop and they sent quoted for six. My email clearly stated "As we spoke last night, we require a laptop for rental with the following specs".

2. Unresponsive
  • They simply don't call back and take their own sweet time. A person named Anish told us that he will get back after lunch and never did. and we had to call them again in the late evening.
  • They promised to respond again in the evening and never did till the next day.
3. Pathetic fact checking and document checking

This is what they wanted as documentation:

  • Company Incorporation Certification Copy
  • Company PAN Card Copy
  • VAT / TAN / TIN Registration Copy
  • ID Proof (Voters ID, Driving License)

We gave them what we had at that time which is Incorporation Copy, PAN # (As company we don't recall getting a PAN Card), ID Proof as my personal passport copy. Their delivery person came all the way to our office door and and simply went back saying my address proof is wrong and they rudely cancelled the order.

What nonsense? Since when a company has passports? When you ask for ID proof, we can only provide a personal one. How can they check this against company's address? It will not match. This is crazy. Firstly the above documents will not have company's address. When they realize this is the case they should have simply asked us to send something else as proof. Instead, they waste all precious time as the person shows up wastes my 20 minutes time when he wanted me to call the company again. The Anish guy again in a rude manner says "Your order is rejected by management because of wrong ID proof". I suppose the management here is the lady called "Rekha Rao" whom we had personally complained about the delay. She has no courtesy to call and ask me for any clarifications.

Here is a vendor who doesn't want you as customer. That is fine. We will take the business elsewhere. You should do too.


NISHA said...


You are talking bull shit do you know how good they are in service as per my knowledge they are very systematic & professional. I am very happy doing business from past 2.5 yrs with about 150 Desktops & 3 Servers.I strongly recommend them for best service & product.

Balakrishnan said...

I go about with the above comment of Ms. , I am from IT Procurement team of M/s. Wipro Limited. We have hired many Servers, Switches, Desktops & Laptop from Sogo. We have got the best service & they stand at punchuality. I have received the materials in Midnights also. They are really professionals in Renting IT Products

diya said...

Hey Unknown Friend,I am the reseller of Sogo we buy and sell from them Verification is a strict process which has to be conducted by any hiring company. because they will provide product worth lakhs with a very nominal amount of rental basis. They will have the fear regarding the security of the product. If your address proof is not matching what will they do dude.